A Misogynistic Joke May Save the Integrity of Your 2020 Ballot

“A misogynistic joke—and the resignation it triggered last week—may have saved a last-minute update to  State Board of Elections requirements for voting systems that blocked machines from the controversial vendor Elections Systems and Software, or ES&S. 

Last Monday, just before the SBE was set to certify three voting systems for the 2020 election, Stella Anderson, one of three Democrats on the five-member board, offered a motion to add a new certification requirement—the production and tabulation of “human-readable marks on a paper ballot”—that would ultimately keep ES&S’s new voting machines out of North Carolina. It passed, 3–2, and not along party lines. The motion required a second meeting and vote to take effect, but the voting security activists in the audience cheered: “We won.”

As it turns out, not quite…”

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