Exclusive: Georgia’s Voter Registration System Like ‘Open Bank Safe Door’

Two days before the midterm elections, a series of security vulnerabilities have been discovered that would allow even a low-skilled hacker to compromise Georgia’s voter registration system and, in turn, the election itself. It is not known how long these vulnerabilities have been in place or whether they have already been exploited.

Just before noon on Saturday, a third party provided WhoWhatWhy with an email and document, sent from the Democratic Party of Georgia to election security experts, that highlights “massive” vulnerabilities within the state’s My Voter Page and its online voter registration system…

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After this story was published, then Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp and gubernatorial candidate, opened an investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia. Kemp’s office claimed, without evidence, that the Democrats attempted to hack the election. My reporting showed that this was entirely false. The next story we ran led national coverage in showing that Kemp’s office knew about the vulnerabilities before the Democrats, and showed that the weaknesses in the election system were severe enough to put the election results in jeopardy.