Jordan Wilkie

Journalist // Educator

I was inspired to become a journalist after working with teenagers and adults incarcerated in Oregon for three-and-a-half years. I earned a master’s degree in reporting at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May, 2018.

Since graduating, I have investigated how the state’s juvenile prisons treat LGBTQ youth, how a jail in the western corner of the state was mistreating its wards, and I covered the broken election system during Georgia’s mid-term elections.

My reporting has led to resignations, firings, several federal lawsuits resulting in more votes being counted, and has become national news. My reporting has been cited by the AP, Bloomberg, CNN, The Guardian, McClatchy, NBC, ProPublica, Slate and other national outlets. I have spoken as an expert on elections for the BBC, The BradCast, and The Edge Show.

My attention is currently turned toward North Carolina’s many jails. Please reach out if you have been arrested, put in jail, or been mistreated in the courts, and have a story you want told.

Phone: 214.392.1888 – text me or send a message with Signal or WhatsApp