The Queer Side of Justice

The Queer Side of Justice knows that, sometimes, the best person to tell your story is you.

If you are an LGBTQ person who has experienced incarceration, or the family member of such a person, or an LGBTQ people who works in the criminal justice system and would like to share your experiences, please reach out. 

Depending on the writer’s ability or comfort, this could take several forms. It could be an essay about a time being LGBTQ in court, jail or prison affected your life. It could be an edited interview or letter exchange between us. It could be a short article I write based on our conversations.

The Queer Side of Justice is looking for stories about specific times sexual identity or gender expression has impacted the treatment of LGBTQ people in the criminal justice system. The stories will be true, astonishing, and demand the reader’s attention. Essay submissions should aim for 800-2,000 words. Other writing, such as fiction, poetry, or opinion pieces will not be published.

Contact me to share essay pitches, story ideas, ask questions, or share leads.