Jordan Wilkie

Reporter. Educator. Student.

For three-and-a-half years after earning my bachelor’s degree, I worked side-by-side with men incarcerated in Oregon’s prisons to improve a college-in-prison program. At the same time, I was a teaching assistant in a juvenile detention in Eugene, OR.

Working with the teenagers and the men incarcerated in Oregon inspired me to pursue a career in journalism. I am in my second-year of studying reporting in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s journalism master’s program.

My attention is currently turned toward North Carolina’s criminal justice system. Please reach out if you have been arrested, put in jail or prison, been mistreated in the courts, and have a story you want told – especially if it happened when you were still under 18 years old.¬†

Phone: 214.392.1888 Рtext me or send a message with Signal or WhatsApp 

Jordan Wilkie

UNC School of Media and Journalism
Carroll Hall, CB 3365
Chapel Hill, NC 27599